This is localhorst.tv. If you don't know what localhorst.tv is, well, this is it.


Probably the most prominent part of this site are the galleries. Those are collections of pictures that I needed online at some time for one reason or another.

Oh my god, I am so interested now you say that. Take me to the galleries now!

Audio Resources

If you're more into hearing rather than viewing I'd advise you to leave this site immediately. Otherwise you'll have to bear listening to some of the worst recordings in music history.


If you're into The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, we're currently hosting a weekly challenge for the german ALttPR community. That page has the standings as well as stream links to all the runners.

From time to time, I stream gameplay on my Twitch.tv channel or upload stuff to my YouTube channel. I also have a personal YouTube channel which may or may not be more interesting.

Oh and btw, this is my Steam community profile.


And finally, a short history of my programming fails can be found at the localhorst.tv Gitweb.

These pages contain a lot of failed and/or discontinued projects written mainly in C++ using SDL.


These things I keep around for historical reasons: